How to Prepare Gizdodo

Gizdodo is the combination of plantains and Gizzards (chicken Gizzards) and Plantains mixed in Pepper Sauce. This recipe is great for mid-week or weekend dinner because it’s so straightforward and of-course tasty. It can be eaten with jollof rice or fried rice or alone. Gizdodo is a simple dish that delivers great flavor with minimal effort. Gizdodo Recipe Below are …

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How to Fry Plantain

Fried plantain is sweet and soft inside. This simple delicious west african, jamaican and cuban delicacy is very popular. In Nigeria, fried plantain is a popular street food. It is made with plantain and quick to make. Plantain is perfect side dish for rice, beans, spaghetti, and it can also be eaten with fried egg …

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