How to Make KuliKuli

Kuli Kuli is an easy snack that can be eaten at any time of the day and is best served with soaked garri or dry garri it’s very nice with bread also, it’s like you are eating bread with peanut butter. Here’s how to make the peanut snack

Kuli-kuli Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing

  1. 1 Lt of vegetable oil
  2. 1 Derica of peanut
  3. Salt

Method on How to Make Kuli-kuli

  1. Grind or pound the groundnuts/peanuts until smooth. A powerful food processor can also be used. Do not allow the mix to turn to paste complete.

2. Take a clean and dry muslin cloth, scoop the pasty nut into it and try to squeeze out the oil as much as you can. The more oil you can squeeze out, the crunchier your kuli kuli.

3. Pour the result into a bowl and add little salt while mixing with your fingers.

4. Mold the paste into long sticks, let the sticks be 5 in a roll, join all 4 together and culve into bangle shapes. You can choose a fun shape if you’d like. Add a little water to help it mold easily.

5.Heat enough oil in a non-stick pan until the oil begins to smoke. You can add the slices of onion to the oil to give it some flavour.

6.Add the molded paste into the oil and allow to fry till golden brown on all sides.

7. Remove from oil, place in absorbent paper and allow to cool.

It’s ready!