How to make Simple Edikaikong Soup

Edikaikong soup is a nutritious Nigerian native soup made with a generous amount of fresh vegetable leaves dried fish and assorted meat. A lot of Nigerians love this soup, especially the Calabars. The soup gose with all kinds of swallow like fufu eba amala etc.Today, I’ll be teaching you simple way to prepare the delicious Edikaikong soup.

Simple Edikaikong Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing:

  1. Ugwu (also known as pumpkin leave)
  2. Water leave
  3. palm oil
  4. Onions
  5. Assorted meats or goat meat
  6. Pormo
  7. Stock fish
  8. Dry fish
  9. Cray fish
  10. Smoked prawn
  11. Perewinkle
  12. Seasoning cube
  13. Salt
  14. Scent pepper


  1. You have prepare all your ingredients down
  2. cut your water leave, and wash it then keep it aside
  3. also cut the Ugwu leave and set aside
  4. debone the dry fish keep aside
  5. Wash your ponmo, stock fish and set aside
  6. Season your assorted meat with seasoning cube, salt, Onions.
  7. Boil the assorted meat
  8. Once the meat is done, reduce the meat stock if it’s much
  9. Add palm Oil and diced Onions
  10. Add the ponmo
  11. Add the stock fish
  12. Add the smoked fish
  13. Perewinkle, smoked prawn
  14. Add Water leave
  15. Stir it very well and allow to boil for some minutes
  16. Add your washed Ugwu
  17. Stir it very well and allow it to boil for few minutes
  18. Add your crayfish and scent pepper
  19. Seasoning cube and salt to taste
  20. allow to boil for a minute

And your soup is readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.