How to Prepare Achi soup

Achi soup is an easy soup recipe that is commonly prepared with different vegetables. This can be served with eba or semolina. There are so many native dishes that you can cook in no time and Achi soup thickener is one such delicious soups. If you are looking for an easy native soup to make, start with this one.

Achi is a common and excellent thickener used in preparing different soups. Achii seeds scientifically known as Brachystegia Eurycoma seed contain 56% carbohydrate, 15% crude fat, 9% protein, 4.5% ash, and 2.9% crude fiber.


Achi promotes good health, it serves as an excellent source of anti-oxidant. Truly achi is Medicinal; using it as a thickener and vegetables can help promote your overall body metabolism. Achi soup and Oha Soup is almost the same but just few differences.

Achi soup recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing

  1. Achi
  2. Assorted meats
  3. Pomo
  4. Stock fish
  5. Dry fish
  6. Yellow pepper
  7. Onions
  8. Uziza leaves
  9. crayfish
  10. Paml oil
  11. Seasoning cube
  12. Salt

Method on How to Prepare Achi soup

  1. Wash your Assorted meats and pour into a clean pot
  2. Dice 1 medium size of onions and add to the asserted meats
  3. Add seasoning cube to taste
  4. Add salt to taste
  5. Put on fire and cook till tender and set aside
  6. Was your pomo and stock fish
  7. Boil them a little bit and set aside
  8. Wash your achi leaves and cut them to your desire size and set aside
  9. Debone the smoked fish and set aside
  10. Grind your achi and crayfish and set aside
  11. Wash your yellow pepper and onions Blend them and set aside
  12. put back the Assorted meat on fire, if it’s need more water You can add
  13. Pour the pomo stock fish into it
  14. Add the smoked fish
  15. Add the blended pepper
  16. Add Palm oil
  17. Add the blended crayfish
  18. Cover for it to boil
  19. Add your blended achi thickener and mix very well
  20. Cover it to boil
  21. Then taste it, if it needs seasoning cube you add to taste, add salt to taste
  22. Add your Uziza leaves which is the last ingredient
  23. Mix very well and allow it to boil a bit then turn off the heat, you don’t boil it for too long because you don’t want to over cook the leaves

Your soup is ready to be served!!