How to Prepare Agoyin Sauce

Agoyin sauce is originally from Togo, Togo people are the Agoyin people. So they brought the sauce to nigeria and almost everyone loved it. I will be teaching you how to make the original Agoyin sauce most people uses dry pepper for it but the original one is not made with dry pepper. Agoyin sauce is mostly used for beans and bread, yam and beans, very delicious.

Agoyin sauce Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing

  1. 1 Derica of pepper seed (shumbo seed)
  2. Half derica of ginger
  3. 15 medium size of onions
  4. 3 Lt of palm oil
  5. Seasoning cube
  6. Salt

Method on How to Prepare Agoyin sauce

  1. The seed usually has a lot of stones, so you will pour a lots of water on it and scoop it out all the stones will be down of the bowl, do it many times until the stones are gone.
  2. Wash the ginger and add it to the seeds
  3. Wash your onions and add also
  4. Go and blend it out side it should be blended like akara no too much water
  5. Put a clean pot on fire
  6. Add your palm oil
  7. Once it’s hot, add the blended pepper seeds
  8. And begin to stir it
  9. At first it will look like egusi soup
  10. You keep on stirring it
  11. Add seasoning cube to taste
  12. Add salt to taste
  13. Then keep on stirring until it’s black
  14. By this time everywhere will be scenting.
  15. Make sure that all the seasonings are OK from the beginning once it’s fried the seasonings will not dissolve again.

And your sauce is ready!