How to Prepare Banga Rice

Banga rice is a traditional Nigerian rice cuisine prepared with palm fruit extract.Just picture it as a local jollof rice. It is an easy, refreshing change to your palette that your taste buds will surely thank you for. Please let me know in the comment section if you enjoy it.

Banga Rice Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing

  1. 700g (1 De Rica or 4 cups) long grain parboiled rice.
  2. 400g palm fruit extract, canned or made from scratch
  3. Beef Stock
  4. 2 medium smoked fish – deboned and broken into small pieces
  5. Orunbebe stick (optional)
  6. 1 red onion – chopped
  7. 1 tsp banga spices
  8. 1 tbsp crayfish (optional)
  9. 1 tbsp ground cayenne pepper
  10. 2 seasoning cubes
  11. Salt (to taste)
  12. Dry or fresh habanero pepper (atarodo) (to taste) – diced
  13. Scent leaves (to taste) – rinsed
  14. Smoked prawn
  15. Pomo.

Method on How to Prepare Banga Rice

  1. Wash out the starch in your rice with hot water. Drain, pour cold water over it. Drain again and set aside.
  2. Mix the banga concentrate in a pot of hot water so that all the sand and particles can sink to the bottom. Decant slowly into another pot for cooking your rice. Make sure no sand transfers to the new pot.
  3. Add beef stock if you have, onion, banga spices, orunbebe stick, smoked fish, crayfish, smoked prawn, crushed seasoning cubes, salt and pepper to your taste. Make sure the liquid is enough to cook the rice you need. Reduce the heat, cover and leave to boil.
  4. Add the washed rice and cook on low heat until it softens. Then add pomo
  5. When the rice has absorbed almost all the liquid, stir with a wooden spoon and lower the heat. Add your shredded scent leaves.
  6. If the rice is still too hard, seal the rice in with foil paper and cover the pot for a few minutes until the rice is properly cooked and has absorbed all the water. Stir properly and take off the heat.


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