How to Prepare Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice – A simple yet flavorful rice with milk from grated coconut. So aromatic, coconutty and tasty rice. Makes a perfect pair for any dish! Coconut is a very big part of African and Caribbean Cooking and most of the recipes are made with fresh hard coconuts.

Coconut Rice Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing:

  1. 2 medium size of coconut
  2. 1 serchet coconut powder
  3. 1 Derica of basmati rice
  4. 1 pert of chicken breast
  5. 1 medium size of smoked fish (doctor fish )
  6. 6 big size of fresh tomatoes
  7. 10 big size of fresh pepper
  8. 4 medium size of onions
  9. 1 cooking spoon of crayfish
  10. 2 cooking spoon of vegetable oil
  11. Maggi and Salt

Method of Preparing Coconut Rice

  1. Break your coconut and Blend it and seave it then set aside
  2. Blend the tomatoes, onions, and pepper together, don’t allow it to be smooth and set aside
  3. Cut the chicken breast into cubes and set aside
  4. Blend the crayfish no water,
  5. Put a clean pot on fire
  6. Add the coconut seave water 2 lt bowl
  7. Add the serchet coconut powder to it and mix it well
  8. Add Maggi to taste
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Allow the water to boil
  11. Add your blended crayfish
  12. Add your washed rice and cover it to cook
  13. Once the water is dried, then set aside
  14. Put fry pan on fire
  15. Add a little oil to fry your chicken breast and set aside
  16. Debone the smoked fish
  17. Put another pot on fire, Add 2 cooking spoon of vegetable oil
  18. Once it’s hot, then add Your blended pepper Onions and tomatoes
  19. Allow it to fry very well, then add the chicken breast
  20. Add the smoked fish
  21. Add Maggi and salt but very little cause there’s Maggi and salt in the rice already
  22. Once it’s well fried, then scoop some of it aside
  23. Add the boiled rice and stir it very well
  24. Add the remaining sauce if needed
  25. If it’s still need seasoning then add
  26. Cover it to steam
  27. And your coconut rice is ready.