How to Prepare Edikaikong Soup

Edikang Ikong (Edikaikong Soup)

Edikaikong soup is a highly nutritious Nigerian soup made with a generous amount of fresh leafy vegetables, dried fish and assorted meat. A lot of Nigerians love this soup, especially the Calabars.

Today, I’ll be teaching you how to prepare the delicious Edikaikong soup and guess what, I have my own way of making it very delicious and it is very easy to make. Alright, without wasting your time let’s go straight to the point.


Prepare Edikaikong Soup – Recipe

Listed below are the ingredients you will be need to prepare edikaikong soup:

  • Ugwu (also known as pumpkin leave)
  • Water leave
  • Palm oil
  • Onions
  • Assorted meats
  • Pormo
  • Stock fish
  • Dry fish
  • Cray fish
  • Smoked prawn
  • Periwinkle
  • Maggi
  • Salt
  • Yellow pepper

Method to Prepare Edikaikong Soup

You have to prepare all your ingredients down, cut your water leave,And wash it then keep it aside, also cut the ugwu leave and set aside, Debone the dry fish keep outside, then you blend your yellow pepper I love using the yellow paper because there’s a sent it gives the soup and it makes it very very nice but you have to be careful because it’s very pepperish, So what I do, I usually add a lot of onions So surprese the Pepperishness. So you grind the yellow paper and onions and set aside, while you are doing all that let your Assorted meats be on fire. Grind your crayfish, Dice some onions and set aside also.


OK now that our ingredients are prepared and set aside you get a pot and put on fire let the hits be minimum, Pull your palm oil into your dry port on fire, Once it is hot add your diced onions,Allow it to fry a bit, then add Your blended onions and yellow pepper allow it to fry, while it is frying add your washed periwinkle add smoked prawn add your pomo, dry fish, stock fish, then your well cooked Assorted meats.

You can also use goat meat or chicken or cow beef depends on what you like. Add your seasoning cube to taste add salt to taste, Allow it to fry very well it should not have any water in it because the water leave has water You don’t want your soup to be watering.

Add your water leave,And stere it’s very well allow it to boil for like a minutes or two because you don’t want your leave to die you still want it fresh and green, then add Your ugwu, And mixed it very well taste it if you still need seasoning cube

Lastly add your crayfish mix it very well and allow it to boil for another minimum 2 minutes and your soup is ready you’re ready to set your table and feed your family with a delicious soup.


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