How to prepare Eforiro soup

Eforiro is basically known to be yoruba soup, but a lots of people in Nigeria love this soup even the foreigners are eating Eforiro soup, why? Because it is a palatable soup.

Eforiro goes with different swallow, and also with white rice. So I will be teaching you how to prepare Eforiro soup.

Eforiro Soup Recipe

Below are the ingredients needed to prepare the delicious Eforiro soup.

  1. Shoko leave
  2. Iru mucus beans
  3. Palm oil
  4. Goat meat
  5. Rodo
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Onions
  8. Stock fish
  9. Dry fish
  10. Pomo
  11. Crayfish
  12. Smoked prawns
  13. Salt
  14. Fish
  15. Smoked prawn
  16. Maggi

Method to Prepare Eforiro Soup

  1. As usual you have to prepare all your ingredients down.
  2. Season your goat meat or whatever meat you are using with Maggi and salt with onions let it be on fire while you are preparing your ingredients.
  3. Pluck your shoko leave wash it very well before cutting it so that all the sand can be out
  4. Put water on fire once it’s boiled add enough salt into the water then add the leave to the boiling water
  5. The salt will allow it to be green. Let it boil for 5 minutes, then take out the shoko put it in cold water
  6. Grind your tomatoes and pepper and onions don’t allow it to be smooth.
  7. Put pot on fire, add Palm oil and diced onions with the iru, add your blended pepper allow it to fry very well.
  8. Then add your meat pomo dry fish, stock fish, prawn. Let it fry very very well add Maggi to taste and salt to taste.
  9. Then add your shoko leave with crayfish mix it well and allow it boil for 5 minutes and your soup is ready.
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