How to Prepare groundnut soup

Groundnut soup is a delicious delicacy And it is eaten in Nigeria Ghana and the Republic of Benin, The first time I eat groundnut soup, It’s was from a Ghanian and was so nice. So I begged her to teach me and she did and ever since then I’ve been enjoying groundnut soup.

Groundnut soup can be made with or without vegetable leaves and it can be thickly or a watery consistency. Bitter leaves are used for groundnut soup traditionally but it can be replaced with Ugu or Spinach leaves, where Bitter leaves are unavailable. You can eat groundnut soup with all kinds of swallow plus white rice. You can prepare the soup with any protein of your choice.


Groundnut soup recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing

  1. Groundnut (peanut)
  2. Assorted meats
  3. Pomo
  4. Stock fish
  5. Dry fish
  6. Crayfish
  7. yellow pepper
  8. Onions
  9. palm oil
  10. Uziza leaves
  11. Seasoning cube
  12. Salt


  1. Wash your Assorted meats and season it with seasoning cube Salt to taste and diced onions
  2. Cook it till tender and set aside
  3. wash your pomo and stock fish Boil them and set aside
  4. Wash your dry fish and debone it and set aside
  5. Rost your groundnut and peel the skin grind it when you are grinding it you can add some of the stock or water, add some onions and grind till smooth and set aside
  6. grind your crayfish and set aside
  7. Grind your yellow pepper and onions and set aside
  8. Was the uziza leave and slice it and set aside

Method on How to Prepare groundnut soup

  1. put back your pot of Assorted meats on fire
  2. Add your pomo and stock fish
  3. Add your blended yellow pepper and palm oil
  4. Add your blended crayfish and dry fish
  5. Add seasoning cube and salt to taste
  6. Cover for it to boil
  7. Then add the groundnut paste gradually, don’t add it all at once, this is so you can control how thick or watery you want your soup, add more seasoning cube if necessary
  8. Stir and combine, make sure it’s not clumpy, leave to cook for 5 minutes
  9. Now add the washed uziza leaves. Stir and combine, leave to cook for 2 minutes
  10. At this time, some of the palm oil would have floated to the top, turn off the heat.

Your Groundnut Soup is ready, serve with your favourite swallow or boiled white rice.