How to Prepare Nigeria Party Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is enjoyed by the majority of the African countries, especially Nigeria and this recipe I’m sharing is mostly used by Nigerians. We refer to it as Nigerian Jollof Rice. l don’t think there’s any Nigerian home and abroad who doesn’t like Jollof Rice.

Parties and occasions without Jollof Rice is that one a party? This is just to say the extent to which Nigerians love their party Jollof Rice. They don’t joke with it at all.

Nigeria Party Jollof Rice Recipe

Bellow are the ingredients you will be needing:

  1. 4 cups of any good Rice
  2. 1/2 cup Vegetable oil
  3. 2 big onions
  4. 240 grams tomato paste
  5. 4-5 redball pepper (tatashe)
  6. 4 medium-size tomatoes
  7. 3 pieces Scotch bonnet pepper (Atarodo) or more if yours is not hot
  8. 1 cup chicken/beef stock
  9. 2 garlic cloves
  10. 50 grams butter/margarine
  11. 3-4 pieces bay leaves
  12. 1 tablespoon curry
  13. 1 tablespoon thyme
  14. seasoning cube
  15. salt

Method of Preparing Nigeria Party Jollof Rice

  1. Blend the tomatoes, onions, rodo garlic and ginger together
  2. Boil it to be thickened and set aside
  3. Get 2 medium size of onions chup 1 and set aside
  4. Cut the remaining one into round and set aside
  5. Put a clean pot on fire
  6. Add the vegetable oil
  7. Allow it to be hot
  8. Add the butter and onions
  9. Add your curry and Thyme
  10. Add your tomatoes paste
  11. Stir-Fry it for 5 minutes
  12. Add your blended pepper tomatoes mixture
  13. Allow it to fry very well
  14. You keep stirring it so that it won’t get burnt
  15. Once it’s fried, add your beef stock
  16. Add your bay leave
  17. Add water that will cook the rice
  18. Add seasoning cube to taste
  19. Add salt to taste
  20. Cover it to boil
  21. Wash your rice very well and add it
  22. Cover it to boil
  23. Once it’s starts to boil, it will start burning, and that’s the koko the main thing about Nigeria jollof rice, it’s the burning that’s gives it that wonderful taste.
  24. But don’t over do it
  25. Use your turning stick to lift it up at the sides
  26. Then reduce the heat for it to steam
  27. Taste if it still need water You Add little
  28. You will be turning it from time to time
  29. Add the last onions and cover to steam
  30. Once the rice is done and no more water
  31. You stir it well and turn off the heat

And your Nigeria party Jollof rice is ready!