How to Prepare Ofada Sauce

Ayamase sauce which is also known as Ofada sauce or the Nigerian designer sauce is one of the numerous sauce types we eat in Nigeria. This sauce uses a combination of Green colored peppers together with onions and it’s spiced using indigenous ingredients such as the locust bean and this gives it a distinct delicious taste.

You can eat ofada sauce with ofada rice or with white rice, even with boiled yam.

How to Prepare Ofada Sauce Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing to pepare ofada sauce

  1. Green rodo
  2. Green tomatoes
  3. Onions
  4. Associated meat
  5. Pomo
  6. Beef
  7. Palm oil
  8. Iru (Locust beans)
  9. seasoning cube
  10. Salt
  11. Eggs (optional)

Method on How to Prepare Ofada Sauce

  1. Wash your green rodo and tomatoes and plenty onions
  2. Blend them together, don’t allow it to be smooth
  3. As you are blending it,get a seave and a bowl
  4. Pour the first blended pepper into the seave let the water be out, so you will continue to Blend the rest with that water, so that the blended pepper will not have too much water
  5. And set aside
  6. Boil your Assorted meat and set aside
  7. Boil your pomo and beef and set aside
  8. Wash the iru (Locust beans) and set aside
  9. Diced enough onions and set aside
  10. Now put pot on fire
  11. pour your palm oil into the pot to bleach the oil
  12. Caution. Now if you can do the bleaching out side it will be better cause the smoke will be very very much and it will make you cough so much,and it does catch fire easily, so out side will be much more better.
  13. Once your palm oil is well bleached turn off the fire
  14. Allow it to cool down and take it back inside
  15. Put it on fire again and use it to fry the Assorted meats and the beef and pack it out and set aside
  16. add the iru and onions and allow it to fry a bit
  17. then add the blended pepper and fry till it’s brown
  18. Add all the meats and pomo
  19. Add seasoning cube and salt to taste
  20. And your sauce is ready
  21. You can boil your eggs and add if you want

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