How to Prepare Oha Soup

Oha Soup is a delicious soup that is easy to make and you can guarantee that no matter how it is made, it would still come out delicious. You can eat it with all kinds of swallow like fufu, semo, eba etc.This recipe comes from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is one of those native Igbo soups that you taste and just can’t forget it.

Oha leaves are gotten from the evergreen tree in Africa. The plant is botanically known as Pterocarpus mildraedii and it contains many nutrients such as fiber, amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin A.


How to Prepare Oha Soup Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing to pepare Oha Soup

  1. Beef/ Assorted meats/Goat meat/Smoked chicken.
  2. Yam/Ufo/Coco yam,(Soup thickener)
  3. stock fish
  4. Dry fish
  5. Crayfish
  6. Pomo
  7. Smoked prawn (optional)
  8. palm oil
  9. Onions
  10. Seasoning cube
  11. Salt
  12. Oha Leave
  13. Uziza leave
  14. meat stock.
  15. Yellow pepper
  16. Ogiri

Method on How to prepare Oha Soup

  1. Season your Assorted meats with seasoning cube and salt with onions and cook it and set aside
  2. Boil your pomo and stock fish and set aside
  3. Wash your Oha leaves and cut it and set aside
  4. Wash your Uziza leave and cut it and set aside
  5. Debone the dry fish and set aside
  6. blend your yellow pepper and onions and set aside
  7. Blend crayfish and set aside
  8. put pot on fire
  9. Add your Assorted meats and pomo with the stock water
  10. If it’s need more water then add
  11. Put the stock fish and dry fish and prawns
  12. Allow it to boil
  13. Add your Ogiri
  14. Add your blended yellow pepper and onions
  15. And add palm oil and add crayfish
  16. Then pile your yam and blend it till it’s smooth
  17. Add your blended yam to thicken your soup
  18. Add seasoning cube to taste
  19. Salt to taste
  20. Add your Uziza leave and Oha Leave
  21. And your soup is ready.

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