How to Prepare Okro Soup

This loaded Okro soup is a staple in West Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. Okra soup is deliciously satisfying, nutritious, and is loaded with proteins and healthy fat. And it can be eaten with all kinds of swallow like fufu semo pounded yam and so on.

How to Prepare okro Soup Recipe

below are the ingredients you will be needing to prepare Okro soup

  1. Okro
  2. Associated meat
  3. Pomo
  4. Stock fish
  5. Dry fish
  6. yellow pepper
  7. Onions
  8. palm oil
  9. Seasoning cube and salt
  10. potash

Method on How to Prepare okro soup

  1. Wash your okro and cut it and set aside
  2. Season your Assorted meats and boil and set aside with the stock
  3. Boil your pomo and stock fish and set aside
  4. Debone the dry fish and set aside
  5. Blend your yellow pepper and onions and set aside
  6. Put pot on fire
  7. Add the Assorted meat and the stock water
  8. And the pomo and stock fish
  9. Add the dry fish and the blended pepper
  10. Allow it to boil
  11. Add Palm oil and some potash
  12. Then add your okro and stir together
  13. Allow it to boil for 2 minutes
  14. And your soup is ready.