How to Prepare Owo Soup

Owo soup is that sweet yellowish delicacy mostly eaten by the Urhobos, Isokoh, and Itsekiri people of Delta State in Nigeria. This traditional dish is a complete meal for every occasion and events that takes place in Urhobo land.

I remember when I traveled to worri That was when I fell in love with owo soup, I usually love eating starch with banga soup but this very day I traveled to worri and I went to a restaurant for starch and banga soup and they said banga was not available but owo soup so I said let me try it I love try different types of food, so I tried it and it was wow! So when I came back I asked few of my friends who knows how to cook owo soup and I was thought,I cooked it and it was so wonderful and very delicious so i told myself I must share this recipe with you guys. Am sure you will love it too. You can prepare your owo soup with any protein of your choice, cow tail, goat meat, beef, assorted meat. You can also eat it with pounded yam, eba,starch and so on.


Owo soup recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing

  1. Cow tail
  2. Pomo
  3. Dry fish
  4. Stock fish
  5. Scent pepper
  6. Potash
  7. Palm oil
  8. Seasoning cube
  9. Crayfish
  10. Onions
  11. Salt
  12. Starch for thickener
  13. Smoked prawn (optional)

Method on How to Prepare owo soup

  1. was your cow tail and season it with seasoning cube Salt to taste
  2. Add diced onions and cook till tender and set aside
  3. Pressure pot will help you cook it faster, but if you don’t have, use your regular pot it will just take more time
  4. grind your crayfish and set aside
  5. Was your pomo and stock fish Boil them and set aside
  6. Your potash should be Powder if not you pound it to powder and set aside
  7. Debone the dry fish and set aside
  8. was your smoked prawn and set aside
  9. If you used pressure pot for the boiling of the cow tail, turn it into a clean pot, but if it’s normal pot, just put it back on fire
  10. Add your pomo, stock fish, dry fish, smoked prawn and cover it to boil
  11. In a small container, pour in your palm oil, and then gradually pour the potash water into the palm oil while stirring constantly until the palm oil becomes yellow and thickens.
  12. Add crayfish and seasoning cube to taste Salt to taste
  13. Add the scent pepper
  14. Add the mix palm oil and potash and mix well
  15. This time don’t cover the pot anymore
  16. In a bowl mix your starch with some water
  17. Finally, gradually add your mix starch and stir properly so it will not form lumps. The reason why you give it a continuous stir is to prevent it from having seed/lumps. Stir continuously until the soup is thick, cook for another few minutes then remove from fire; well at this point, your Owo soup is readyyyyy