How to Prepare Sauce for Rice and Beans

Beans and rice is one of my favorite foods, but when you have it without the right sauce or stew, you will not be able to enjoy it at all.

Rice and beans is best enjoyed with the right sauce. You can prepare your sauce with palm oil, or with vegetable oil and any type of protein you want, but I will be using vegetable oil and Assorted meats for this sauce, it’s so delicious and yummyscious.


Sauce for Rice and Beans Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing:

  1. 200g of tomatoes
  2. 300g of rodo (Habanero pepper)
  3. 600g of onions (To suppress the pepper and give it a nice flavor)
  4. 5 scooping spoons of Vegetable oil (so that it will be easy to fry it won’t waste your time once the sauce is ready you can scoop the oil out)
  5. Assorted meats like, shaki liver, round about, beef, pomo
  6. Spring onions
  7. Smoked titus fish
  8. Seasoning cube
  9. Salt

Method of Preparing Sauce for Rice and Beans

  1. Wash your tomatoes, rodo, and onions, and blend them together
  2. Don’t allow it to be smooth, and set aside
  3. Wash your Assorted meats and cook it until it’s tender
  4. Fry all of them without the pomo and set aside
  5. Debone the smoked titus fish and set aside
  6. Cut your spring onions and set aside
  7. Get a clean pot on fire
  8. Add the vegetable oil, Allow it to be hot
  9. Add your blended pepper tomatoes and onions
  10. Allow it to fry for 15 minutes
  11. Add the fried Assorted meats and pomo and stir
  12. Allow it to fry for another 5 minutes
  13. Add your fish
  14. Add seasoning cube to taste, salt to taste
  15. Leave it to fry for a bit
  16. Add your spring onions and stir it
  17. And turn off the heat

Your sauce is ready!