How to Prepare Fisherman Soup

The fisherman’s soup is very popular among the Niger-Delta states of Nigeria, mainly; the riverine communities of Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Bayelsa.

This delicacy gained popularity amongst the people of these communities because of the large body of water available in their communities. As a result, most people from these regions make their living from the sea; as fishermen. This soup can be eaten with white rice and swallow.

How to Prepare Fisherman Soup Recipe

Below are the ingredients you will be needing to pepare Fisherman Soup.

  1. Fresh fish
  2. Fresh prawns
  3. Calamari
  4. Craps
  5. Periwinkle
  6. Yellow pepper
  7. Blended yam for thickener
  8. Palm oil
  9. onions
  10. Seasoning cube
  11. Salt
  12. Uziza leave

Method on How to Prepare Fisherman Soup

  1. Wash your fresh fish and season it and set aside
  2. Wash the fresh prawns and also season it and set aside
  3. Cut the calamari and Wash it and season it and set aside
  4. Wash the crabs season it and set aside
  5. Blend the yellow pepper and onions and set aside
  6. Blend your yam and set aside
  7. cut the uziza leave and set aside
  8. Then in a clean pot, put the crabs
  9. And calamari
  10. And the prawn
  11. Periwinkle
  12. Pour some water and put it on fire
  13. Allow it to boil
  14. Add the blended pepper and onions
  15. Add Palm oil
  16. Allow it to boil
  17. Add the fresh fish
  18. Allow it to boil For a minute
  19. Add seasoning cube, and salt to taste
  20. Add your blended yam to thicken the soup, but don’t allow it to be too thick
  21. Add your Uziza leave allow to boil For a minute
  22. And your soup is ready to be served.

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